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All the work of the Sobibor Foundation is done by volunteers and is only possible with your financial support. The Sobibor Foundation organizes on a regular basis activities, such as visits to Sobibor, lectures, exhibitions, publications et cetera. Our financial supporters get our newsletters because we are grateful with all the support we get. We would like to welcome you as a supporter.

We are happy with any amount, the recommended donation is € 25 annually. We place you on our mailing list and you are informed of our activities.

There are tax advantages for Dutch residents only in case you’d like to donate money periodically (“periodieke gift”) or leave us money in your will (“legaat”). For more information, contact us at

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Please send us via this link the following information:
Name (first and last name), address, postal code, city, country, email-address, telephone and the amount you want to donate so we can place you on our distribution list. You can either wire your donation or pay by Paypal. These data is being used by us to keep you informed of the activities of the Sobibor Foundation (such as the annual report). By giving these data you agree that we use the information.

Bank account information:
Account holder name: Stichting Sobibor
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): NL03 INGB 0003 3025 25

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