The Sobibor Foundation wants to keep the memory of the Sobibor extermination camp alive. To this end the foundation organizes various activities. These activities are carried out by volunteers. As a donor you contribute concretely to the realization of the mission of the Sobibor Foundation: ‘Remembering through information and education’.

We are grateful for any support, large or small.

The Sobibor Foundation has the status of Cultural ANBI. Donations to a Cultural ANBI can be tax deductible (For Dutch law only). For single gifts there is a threshold and a maximum for the deductible amount, these do not apply to notarial gifts.

You can support the Sobibor Foundation financially:

We welcome any amount with which you would like to/can support us.

You can deposit your donation to:
IBAN: NL03 INGB 0003 3025 25 in the name of Stichting Sobibor


The foundation’s aim is to bring the Sobibor extermination camp to the attention of the general public and to preserve the memory of the 34,313 Jews who were deported from Westerbork in 19 transports to the Sobibor extermination camp in Nazi-occupied Poland between March 2 and July 20, 1943, and were murdered there or in the surrounding area.
The foundation tries to achieve its goal by, among other things:

  • Education and providing information, such as organizing study tours to the former death camps and providing teaching materials for primary and secondary school students. Lecturing and interacting with the public, especially young people.
  • To contribute, where possible, to a dignified decoration of the site of the former Sobibor extermination camp.
  • Publishing books and publications, organizing lectures and exhibitions, showing films, placing memorials and initiating further ideas for the realization of this objective.