In The Netherlands, there are dozens of monuments and plaques that refer to Sobibor. Sometimes they were placed to memorize people that were deported to Sobibor, such as the monument on the Reinkenstraat in The Hague, The Jewish Monument in Enter and the Memorial plaque at the Amstel in Amsterdam. More commonly Sobibor is mentioned on plaques and monuments as one of the camps where Dutch Jews were murdered.

There is no specific monument memorizing Dutch Jews that were killed in Sobibor. The monument Signs Of Westerbork in the Memorial Center of camp Westerbork, designed by Victor Levie, came about through the efforts of Jules Schelvis, the founder of the Sobibor Foundation. This monument consists of five conceptual objects made in stone and was dedicated in March 2001 by the then prime minister Kok. Written on one of the memorial stones: “Sobibor. 34.313 deported. In Sobibor, 34.295 Dutch Jews were murdered”. On the famous “Spiegelmonument” (Mirror Monument) in Amsterdam, where the sky is reflected by broken mirrors and the wording says “Never Again Auschwitz”, Sobibor is mentioned as well.