Sobibor is a small village in Poland, situated in the Lubelskie district close to the border of Belarus and Ukraine. The Sobibor extermination camp is situated about 5 kilometers southwest of the village Sobibor.

The grounds of the former extermination camp Sobibor can be visited daily throughout the year. A part of what once was the campground has been turned into a monument. There is a small museum with a dated exhibit, mostly described in Polish. Until 2012 the museum was always closed during the winter months but this is no longer the case. The former campgrounds can only be reached using private transportation. It is recommended to use Lublin as a base; it is a lively and interesting city with many hotels and restaurants. From Lublin to Sobibor are an hour and a half drive. Also, every year, the Sobibor Foundation organizes two trips to Sobibor. A Memorial trip in the spring and a Study trip in the fall.