Being the daughter of Salomon Simons and Cato Simons-van den Bergh, both having been chased for months and having been imprisoned in various camps and murdered in Sobibor on arrival after a 3-day journey on 23rd April 1943, I have and will suffer all my life.
Not having had my parents nor any other family and having the knowledge of what my parents went through, gives me sleepless nights. I am not the only one to suffer from this great loss, also my husband, my children and even my grandchildren are concerned.
Last but not least I want to mention the great emotional shock and grief to my rescuers and their children and to myself, when after the war I was suddenly taken away to live with strange people. I am here to represent the silenced voices of my parents, my grandmother and my aunt and ask although late but never too late that the court will pronounce justice to all victims murdered in Sobibor.